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“We should be thinking about the future of the media,” said Davis, who also wants to create a platform for Black voices. “This is a new age. We’re building something from scratch for this generation.”

Baron Davis

Retired NBA All-Star, Investor

Instagram Live show turned into a weekly audio podcast, A Touch More, with Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird.

Megan Rapinoe

USWNT World Champion

Trusted by World Class Athletes to grow their audio platform and expand their influence.


Working with some of the best writers, producers, and audio talent in the business, Blue Wire Studios creates high-quality, original audio content.

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“I was able to have some incredibly raw and honest conversations you won't be able to hear anywhere else”

Greg Olsen

NFL Player, Philanthropist

“He has turned down every request in recent years to look back at the early stages of his career,” Wahl said. “And I can understand that, but it was interesting, we were going to do this project whether we had Freddy or not.”

Grant Wahl

Former Sports Illustrated soccer journalist and best-selling author.