Meet the Blue Wire Team

Blue Wire is built around the simple idea that independent podcasts would be more successful if they worked together. This concept is the foundation of the Blue Wire's network of 260+ shows from 4th & 1 and Funky Friday with Cam Newton, Par 3 Podcast with J.R. Smith & Stephen Malbon, Green Light with Chris Long, and Stay Hot to regional hits such as Bronx Pinstripes, Light Years, Pack-A-Day and many more.

We believe that financial and creative independence are the core metrics of success for our partners. We're here to make sure creators can monetize their content without compromising their voice and passion.

Our Values

We believe that hustle, authenticity, and community are cornerstones of success, and these are the values that connect our employees, network podcasts and listeners.


We believe in building community whether it's between a show and their audience or between our network of podcasters. Our community is inclusive, collaborative and fun.


We believe everyone thrives when we turn up as our authentic selves, feel confident to speak freely and honestly. This is how we communicate with each other and how the shows we work with turn up for their audience.


We believe it takes hard work to make incredible things happen. We show up for each other, for our partners and for new opportunities.

Kevin Jones, CEO & Founder

Photo of Blue Wire CEO Kevin Jones, Photo credit: Olivia May

Kevin Jones is the founder and CEO of Blue Wire Podcasts. Jones has over 12 years experience in the sports industry spanning years as a beat reporter for the 49ers at KNBR in San Francisco, team reporter for the Cleveland Browns and contributor to WUSA-TV in Washington D.C.

Jones founded Blue Wire in 2018 to create a community of like-minded sports podcasters and content creators who could thrive collectively instead of going it alone. He raised over $10 million and grew this nascent community into a network which boasts over 260 regional, conversational and narrative podcasts. Under his direction, Blue Wire has continued to seek new avenues to build engaging content including working with pro athletes to build podcasts around their personal brands, investing in emerging talent from social media and seeking unique sales and business partnerships.

Our Team

Andrew Rotondi


Luke Pagano


Brittany Machado

SVP, Business Affairs and Operations

Amanda Trojniak

Account Executive

Kyle Bandujo

Account Executive

Madeha Khalid

Director, Finance

Tyler Chin

Director of Operations

Shaun Ross

Accounts & Ad Ops Director

Henry Ettinger

Content Manager

Ti Windisch

Network Manager

Delila Penson

Partnerships Manager

Russell Preston

Graphic Designer

Patrick James Santiago

Web Designer / Web Developer

Kate Turkeltaub

Sales Planner

Katherine Cho

Accounts & Ad Ops Coordinator

Scott Reinen


Maggie Clifton


Armani Khoddami


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