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“Blue Wire was a perfect partner as they have a great platform and experience working with all different types of podcasts. They let me really control the creative direction and shape the show how I envisioned it—but I’m still new at this platform so I leaned on them for insight on how to make this a success."

Lolo Jones

Summer & Winter Olympian
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“We carefully selected [Blue Wire] in this setup based upon my need for autonomy. I don’t need a lot. I just need to do what I want to do.”

Chris Long

Retired NFL Player

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Working with some of the best writers, producers, and audio talent in the business, Blue Wire Studios creates high-quality, original audio content.

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"A candid conversation led by Hall of Fame Wide Receiver and widely respected media voice, Cris Carter. Cris will interview legends of the WR position as well as the next generation of superstars to understand what makes this position so unique and why so many personalities and stories come from outside of the hash marks."

"This season of American Prodigies is the story of how Black girls moved from the margins of gymnastics to the core. You’ll hear from trailblazers and viral sensations – coaches and mentors and trainers – journalists and academics – and athletes themselves – as we unpack what it means to be a Black girl in gymnastics."