Program Overview

Blue Wire Launchpad is a paid learning and work experience designed to widen the sports media talent pipeline. Acting as an incubator, Launchpad gives interns impactful experiences through hands-on departmental work, learning-based programming, and networking opportunities. The goal of Launchpad is to give the future leaders of sports media a strong and equitable foundation for their careers.

Designed and launched in 2021, Blue Wire Launchpad is a digital experience. Guest speakers from the inaugural session included leaders from Pepsi, Amazon, LinkedIn, the Washington Nationals, and more. We are excited for the upcoming 2022 session! Please reach out to with any questions.

2022 Session

Blue Wire Launchpad is a paid opportunity. The program will be entirely digital and run from June to August 2022. You must be 18 years or older to apply. You do not need to be enrolled as a student to be eligible. You can see more about the types of open roles by visiting our “Careers” page.

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