Blue Wire Additions Featured In Sports Business Journal

Blue Wire

May 7, 2024

Blue Wire started 2024 with a series of major talent signings, forging commercial partnerships with Cam Newton’s Funky Friday and 4th & 1, J.R. Smith and Stephen Malbon’s Par 3 Podcast, Lou Williams and Spank Horton’s The Underground Lounge, Learfield’s Varsity Podcast Network, Darius Slay’s Big Play Slay, Pat Mayo’s Mayo Media Network, and The Kevin Sheehan Show among others.

Those additions received coverage in Sports Business Journal today, as the outlet shared the news alongside quotes from Cam Newton, J.R. Smith, and Blue Wire Founder and CEO Kevin Jones.

“Growing a media business allows us to diversify our content offerings, collaborate with like-minded creators, and adapt to the changing preferences of our audience in a dynamic and competitive industry,” said Newton. “As the digital landscape evolves, podcasts have emerged as a powerful medium for authentic storytelling and meaningful conversations.”

The story, written by Xavier Hunter, is featured on the front page of Sports Business Journal as a Top Headline at press time.

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