Blue Wire raises $245K investment from community

Blue Wire

September 21, 2023

Blue Wire has reached a milestone of $245,000 raised this week towards its community fundraising round.

In August, we announced the launch of this fundraising round in partnership with WeFunder, which received media coverage from Axios, Front Office Sports, Awful Announcing, Barrett Sports Media, Sports Business Journal, and Radio Online.

The community round allows investors – fans, journalists, athletes, and creators – to join the company’s ownership group.

The lead investor on this round, Max Dickinson, has known CEO and Founder Kevin Jones and originally invested in Blue Wire’s seed round in 2019.

“He continues to execute on his vision: increasing his network of talented podcasters, his diverse internal team, and growing revenue year of year. In five years, he has built one of the most recognizable names in the Podcast Network space.”

In addition to Max, some of Blue Wire’s top content creators have also joined the round. Blue Wire is offering investor perks like premium access to the Wynn Las Vegas studio, discounted advertising rates, and even a board seat.

What other investors are saying:

Josh Bixler: “I’m a regular listener of the Sports Gambling Podcast and I believe in this company and its future. Ever since I started listening, I wondered how I can invest and now I can.”

Luke Swanson: “I listen to several Blue Wire podcasts (shoutout to Purple Insider!) and also believe in the future of podcasting networks.”

Michael Paretzky: “One of the best, most forward thinking podcast businesses out there. Well positioned to capitalize on rapid industry growth over the next few years.”

Jerod Brown: “I met Kevin in 2017 before he started Blue Wire. I've seen his passion and hustle lead to tremendous growth for the company and I believe that his ability to create strong partnerships with a forward-thinking entrepreneurial lens will only continue to grow Blue Wire in the podcast and audio media space.”

For more information on how to invest in Blue Wire, please visit our WeFunder page.

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