Stay Hot: A Sports Podcast superfans head to Chalkboard

Charlotte Cooper

June 9, 2022

Stay Hot: a sports podcast” which covers the NFL, NBA and when hot, MLB and NHL, has launched a new community board on Chalkboard to engage directly with their fanbase built through the show’s popular TikTok account, podcast and YouTube series. Stay Hot is produced and distributed by Blue Wire as part of its 260+ show network.  

“Stay Hot" is the premiere sports podcast for fans, BY FANS. Hosted by Tik Tok megastars Matt Sponhour, Blaiden Kirk and Theo Ash who have earned millions of likes and reach hundreds of thousands of followers each month with their hot takes across TikTok, YouTube and their popular podcast launched with Blue Wire in April 2021.  The hosts have built a loyal following across digital platforms and partnering with Chalkboard promises to increase the opportunity for hosts and fans to chat, predict and perfect those hot takes in real time.  

“As young sports fans ourselves, we couldn’t be more excited to partner with Blaiden, Theo, and Matt. We see Blue Wire & Stay Hot as the next generation of sports media. The content is funny, informative, and most importantly, genuine.” said Matt, COO of Chalkboard. “By partnering with us, we hope to enable them to form an even stronger connection with their already passionate fan base.”  

The Stay Hot community board will let the show hosts engage with superfans across organized, public, text-based chat rooms complete with sports-specific features like Bet Sync & Sharing with major sportsbooks, Dynamic Betting Leaderboards, Customized Live Scores & Stats, and more. Chalkboard has achieved ~4000% in daily user growth over the last four months and has regularly been trending in the Top 50 of the App Store. The company anticipates they will launch Android by the 2022 NFL season.

“We’re pumped to be working with the Chalkboard team. I think it’s going to be an exciting step for Stay Hot and help us grow our sports community,” said Stay Hot host Matt Sponhour.  

So what are you waiting for, join the Stay Hot board today.

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