Sports Gambling Podcast Network Re-signs with Blue Wire

Tristan Brown

May 2, 2022

Blue Wire has announced that one of its flagship partnerships, the Sports Gambling Podcast Network, has been renewed. One of the most unique networks in the sports gambling space, SGPN’s 18 podcast feeds covering all sports have found a home with Blue Wire, and at its Las Vegas-based WynnBet Studio.  

SGPN’s major areas of growth in the past year has been in basketball, both in the NBA and college. When asked about how their NBA content has exploded in 2021, Sean Green, co-founder of the Sports Gambling Podcast Network, told us that the wave of legalization for sports betting is a factor, and as it continues to grow “the appetite for sports gambling content continues to grow as well.”  

“As a network we're a high-volume shooter, putting out a ton of free podcasts, posts and picks.” Green continued, “The NBA Gambling Podcast has been a real success story and we have a great starting five. The show has a rotating cast with Munaf Manji as the captain, Scott Reichel, Terrell Furman, Zach B and Ryan McKee the original host all coming together for daily shows that really keep listeners hooked.”  

With March Madness in full swing, SGPN’s college basketball expertise is about to be put on full display. Green cites Colby 'Dantabase' Dant and his team as a big reason why, calling him “a savant when it comes to college sports, especially college basketball. When we're breaking down some of these smaller schools I'm consistently amazed at his knowledge of the teams and their tendencies. Colby, Patty C and NC Nick will be picking every March Madness game against the spread and helping you fill out your bracket. If you've got any action in March Madness, you'd be crazy not to check out The College Basketball Experience.”

One of the most unique things about SGPN when compared to its peers is the foundation of community that pervades the entire network. SGPN’s content revolves around its diligent community of contributors, something that happened organically, which Green attributes to “a cool environment where people from all different backgrounds can come together and talk about what's most important...who to bet on. I think that separates us from a lot of other places is that our door is wide open, a lot of our best creators are people that enjoyed our content and wanted to hop on our rocket ship.”

Blue Wire is very excited for year two of its relationship with the Sports Gambling Podcast Network, and as SGPN continue to trailblaze in the sports gambling content space, be sure to check out the NBA Gambling Podcast and the College Basketball Experience for March Madness betting and the NBA playoffs.  

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