SB Nation Pods Find New Home with Blue Wire

Blue Wire Podcast

March 28, 2023

Blue Wire is pleased to announce its partnership with several NBA podcasts who were recently let go by Vox Media in January.  

The podcasts, Lakers Lounge with Anthony Irwin, Green with Envy featuring Will Weir, Greg Maneikis, and Adam Taylor, and Pod Maverick with Kirk Henderson, all bring years of podcasting experience and NBA coverage to the table that is making Blue Wire’s NBA vertical that much stronger. Covering the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, and the Dallas Mavericks respectively, these podcasts offer the nuanced insight into the mind of the local fan that Blue Wire’s podcasts are known for bringing to the media landscape.

"We've built Blue Wire around being able to identify exceptional talent hitting the podcast free agency market," said Blue Wire CEO Kevin Jones. "We were thrilled to act quickly and provide a new home for and three standout local NBA podcasts."

“I’ve known Kevin for years and we’ve often spoken about working together,” Irwin told us. “I couldn’t possibly be more excited to add to all the great work Blue Wire has become known for as we finally see years of conversations become a fruitful partnership."

On top of Celtics and Mavericks, check out some of Blue Wire’s basketball pods such as Road Trippin’ with Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye, No Chill With Gilbert Arenas, Light Years for the Golden State Warriors, The Timeline: A Phoenix Suns Podcast, Knicks Film School, Knicks Fan TV, and for more Lakers, Lakers Film Room and Lakers Nation.

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