Pop Culture Leftovers Joins Blue Wire Network

Payton Turkeltaub

June 24, 2022

Blue Wire is excited to announce the popular television and film podcast Pop Culture Leftovers will be joining the network. The weekly pop culture podcast brings listeners the latest news in movies, TV, and comic books from all things Marvel to Star Wars to Stranger Things. For pop culture connoisseurs, this podcast is their one-stop to stay up to date and engaged with everything going on.

“We are very excited about joining Blue Wire,’ shares co-host Brian Frederick.  “It’s a chance to grow our podcast and strengthen our awesome community as well as Blue Wire’s.”  

Since 2016, co-hosts Brian and Jake have been releasing weekly hours-long episodes that provide listeners with tons of commentary on the most relevant and recently released shows and movies. As described in their own words, the two are fans who are passionate and excited about sharing the best - and the worst - in the genre.  

“We all have our fandoms,” Brian explains. “It’s awesome to revisit these things as adults and see how the landscape has changed.  Stuff I dreamed about seeing as a kid in the 80’s is now possible.  12-year-old me would freak out seeing what we see today.  That feeling hasn’t gone away and I now get to share that excitement with people all around the world.”  

Pop Culture Leftovers joins Blue Wire’s rapidly expanding library of comedy and culture shows, such as Don’t Trip, No Film School, Final Review, Culture Crave, Big Screen Sports, and more. Check out all of Blue Wire’s content here.

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