NBA Lottery Mock Draft by Blue Wire Podcasters

Blue Wire

June 21, 2023

The 2023 NBA Draft could be the stage for serious power moves across the Association, and we know some major prospects will be joining new teams. Headlined by a star-studded top 3, we had Blue Wire podcasters who cover specific teams and the NBA/NBA Draft in general take over for a mock draft of the lottery teams to get an idea of what could happen on Thursday night.  

1) San Antonio Spurs – Victor Wembanyama

“Zero justification needed here. Wemby is generational — a one-of-one phenom with the roving shot-blocking and pick-and-roll-coverage instincts of an inevitable Defensive Player of the Year who can be the primary scoring engine and, potentially, outside-in playmaking hub for a championship offense. The Spurs win, everything, again.” - Dan Favale, Hardwood Knocks

2) Charlotte Hornets – Scoot Henderson

“Scoot’s first-rate athleticism and the ability to change speeds put defenses in constant conflict on the court. He’s displayed a good feel and maturity out of the pick-and-roll and with time his three-point shot should develop.” – Richie Randall, Buzz Beat

3) Portland Trail Blazers – Brandon Miller

“Portland takes Brandon Miller (solely because I wasn't allowed to trade this pick). Miller fits the mold of what has eluded the Blazers for so long, a wing with size, shooting, defense, and creation ability. If Portland went down this path, I'd imagine they would be looking to pair Miller with Anfernee Simons and Shaedon Sharpe and not Damian Lillard.” – Danny Marang, Jacked Ramsays

4) Houston Rockets – Cam Whitmore

“The Rockets have a solid young core, but this is still a team that won 22 games and doesn’t have a superstar yet, pending James Harden’s free agency. They’re not trying to hit singles, they’re trying to hit home runs. Whitmore, who hasn’t turned 19 yet and has the physical tools and skill set to develop into the kind of primary scoring big wing archetype NBA teams love, is the home run swing they need.” – Rob Dauster, Field of 68 After Dark

5) Detroit Pistons – Jarace Walker

“The Pistons select Jarace Walker at 5. Walker is one of the best overall defenders in this class with his off-ball awareness and on-ball versatility. Offensively, Walker has a tremendous handle for his position, improved as a spot up shooter, can attack closeouts, and provides dynamic playmaking.” – Tyler Metcalf, No Ceilings NBA Draft

6) Orlando Magic –– Amen Thompson

“Not thrilled about the fit [and would rather trade down], but Amen Thompson is too talented to pass up at this spot. If he can ever become respectable from deep, a trio of Amen, Paolo, and Franz will have Orlando in contention for years to come. Another deal to move one of our current guards to add more shooting would need to happen this offseason as well.” – Jonathan Osborne, The Sixth Man Show

7) Indiana Pacers – Ausar Thompson

“Although he cancelled his individual workout with the Pacers, Ausar Thompson is the best player on the board. His 7-foot wingspan and high basketball IQ makes him a great fit for the Pacers at pick 7. He’s a terrific defender, has great feel for the game, is an incredible athlete, can score the basketball and is a terrific secondary playmaker. The Pacers swing for best player available versus drafting for fit, which would have been Taylor Hendricks.” – Alex Golden, Setting the Pace

8) Washington Wizards – Cason Wallace

“Wallace rarely plays with the flash that most of his lottery peers do, but he's rarely rattled. He plays with a constant composure that allows him to make surgical passes on the interior and knock down shots at a higher level than most expected him to. Wallace is also an exceptional defender who has tremendous strength, fundamentals, and agility.” – Tyler Metcalf, No Ceilings NBA Draft

9) Utah Jazz – Taylor Hendricks

“The Jazz seem like they have the front court of their future in place with Lauri Markkanen and Walker Kessler, and Taylor Hendricks not only fits well alongside those two given his defensive versatility, rim protection, and shooting ability, he's the highest upside player left on the board. The Jazz probably need backcourt reinforcement, but with two more first round picks and plenty of perimeter talent left on the board, going with the best prospect available is the smart play.” – Rob Dauster, Field of 68 After Dark

10) Dallas Mavericks – Anthony Black

“Black's passing chops and basketball IQ are very high, and the Mavericks are in desperate need of role players that can do more than just stand in the corner and shoot. Black will move, screen, cut, drive, off of the actions that Doncic and Irving create. Throw in his defensive capabilities, which the Mavericks need right now, and it feels like a smoother fit, even if the jump shot takes a bit to develop.” – Josh Bowe, Pod Maverick

11) Orlando Magic – Gradey Dick

“I’ve never submitted a draft pick faster! Do I really need to say it? Shooting, shooting, shooting. Potential as a team defender, great feel for the game, high IQ, good size. Hey the Magic finally have some shooting!” – Jonathan Osborne, The Sixth Man Show

12) Oklahoma City Thunder - Kobe Bufkin

“In recent years the OKC Thunder have targeted high IQ, rangy, versatile players in the draft and this pick sticks to that mold. Bufkin came on late in the season at Michigan and shows a well-rounded game with great feel.” – Jacob Kniffen, The Uncontested

13) Toronto Raptors – Bilal Coulibaly

“Toronto could use someone with a more proven shooting stroke, but the mechanics and load-up speed on Coulibaly’s set jumper are far from broken. Betting on his improvement, as well as his upside in the open floor and as a disruptive three- or -four position defender, is beyond a worthwhile gamble.” – Dan Favale, Hardwood Knocks

14) New Orleans Pelicans – Jordan Hawkins

“Assuming the Pelicans hold on to Zion Williamson, they need to put more shooting around him after finishing last season 23rd in 3-pointers made. Hawkins, arguably the best shooter in this year's class, helps in this department.” - Christian Clark, From the Wing

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