London Is Blue Joins The Blue Wire Network Of Podcasts

June 24, 2021

Blue Wire adds a podcast to its ever growing list of soccer shows with the arrival of London Is Blue, a show all about the world-famous Chelsea Football Club.

Hosted by Brandon Busbee, Dan Dormer, and Nick Verlaney, the show focuses on some of the top storylines surrounding Chelsea, game breakdowns, and even interviews with the clubs biggest stars.

“While a lot of team coverage can be made up of hot-takes meant to divide supporters into one camp or another, we pride ourselves on measured reactions to matches, transfers, and updates from the club, while backing up our thoughts with the best data and differing opinions from around the world,” said Verlaney.

With the English Premier League season back in full swing, the guys and London Is Blue are excited to talk about every match. Their latest episode features a breakdown of Chelsea’s recent 2-0 loss to Liverpool on Monday.

However, the show doesn’t just talk about the men's first team. No one has the entirety of a club covered like London Is Blue does.

“London Is Blue Podcast provides the most comprehensive coverage of the best club in the world, Chelsea Football Club. That means the men’s first team, youth teams, women’s team, and history of the club,” added Verlaney.

Their focus on creating such comprehensive coverage of the team made them a perfect fit with Blue Wire.

“We wanted to find ways to continue to expand the scope and depth of our content. In our conversations with Blue Wire, we realized they would be a great partner — leaving us to focus on what we do best, the podcast itself — and helping us accelerate our growth in other areas,”said Dormer.

The shows latest episode, and all others, can be found here on Apple Podcasts or on your favorite streaming platform.


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