Guilty As Charged Podcast Partners With The Chargers

Blue Wire

May 4, 2023

Blue Wire is happy to announce that the Guilty As Charged podcast has formed a partnership with the LA Chargers, who will be posting one episode per week to the Chargers Podcast Network and YouTube channel every Tuesday.

“We are honored to have been approached by the Chargers for this partnership. This is a dream come true for us, and we can't wait to work with them to bring new ways to engage with fans around the world,” host Steven Haglund told me. “This is only possible because of the continued backing and support of the GAC community over the years! We are excited about what is ahead for us and hope our audience loves the content we have planned regularly on our channel and once weekly on the Chargers YouTube channel and podcast feeds.”

The Guilty As Charged podcast is an NFL podcast focused on the LA Chargers and is hosted by Steven Haglund and Tyler Schoon. Check out the pod and the weekly episodes on the Chargers Podcast Network!

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