Feminist-Sports Based Podcast, Burn It All Down, Joins Blue Wire

May 2, 2022

As Blue Wire continues to expand the network into all areas in and around sports, we are happy to announce the latest addition to our family, Burn It All Down - a podcast dedicated to analyzing sports through an intersectional feminist lens.

Their mission is to tell the stories that don't get airtime in other places and bring a voice to women in the game. Hosts Shireen Ahmed, Dr. Amira Rose Davis, Dr. Brenda Elsey, Lindsay Gibbs, and Jessica Luther come to you with weekly episodes discussing everything from equality in the industry to highlighting the success of the women in it. They even have conversations with some renowned female athletes who have paved their way in this male-dominated field.

These women are passionate advocates for sport and its role in creating social justice and work to highlight the steps being taken by professional and amateur athletes alike.

"We seek to build communities inclusive of abilities, ethnicities, genders, nationalities, races, sexualities, and socioeconomic classes. With a diverse team, Burn It All Down seeks to change the face of what sports and sports media expertise can look like." The women of the podcast stated.

In addition to having those crucial conversations, this podcast is also the place to go for quick-witted technical analysis, breaking news, and even the histories of sports themselves.

Blue Wire is proud to represent the voices of Burn It All Down and give them a platform where they can continue to spread awareness and impact tomorrow's game.

"We are looking forward to working with the team at Blue Wire to continue to build the audience we've cultivated so far and to create BIAD-adjacent long-term, in-depth projects that will allow us to tell stories that we have not been able to do on our own." They stated.

As a show that features personality paired with important discussions and activist interviews, it truly IS the feminist sports podcast you need.

To subscribe to weekly episodes, visit here on Apple Podcasts or search it in your podcast player of choice.

*Photo taken by Michael T. Davis

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