Blue Wire Strikes Ad Sales Partnership With Sport Social

Blue Wire Podcast

May 25, 2023

Blue Wire is thrilled to announce a new sales partnership with Sport Social, a fellow sports podcast network based in the United Kingdom. The partnership will allow Blue Wire to sell Sport Social’s U.S. podcast advertising inventory and in turn, Sport Social will be able to sell Blue Wire’s U.K. advertising inventory.

“This partnership is a no-brainer. It should maximize revenue for both networks, which is a win for us, for Sport Social, and for all of our podcasters,” said Henry Ettinger, Blue Wire‘s Director Of Network Growth. “The people at Sport Social are innovative and hungry, and this partnership is another example of how we can work together to propel our companies and the industry forward.”  

The partnership will leverage brand new technology created by Sport Social that lets each network see into each other’s ad inventory and run campaigns on otherwise unsold international inventory with one another without fully integrating into the same hosting account. This will reduce unfilled inventory and fully capitalize on advertisers that are only looking to advertise in a certain area of the world.  

“We are delighted to be working with Blue Wire and it’s exciting that the world’s two leading sports podcast networks are coming together to collaborate,” Sport Social’s Managing Director Sophie Hind. “We are both passionate about growing sport audio audiences and the partnership will further benefit advertisers giving them a highly targeted environment with greater scale.”

This partnership follows several other strategic partnerships for Blue Wire over the last year including deals with Better Collective, Field Of 68, and Fubo Sports. As the podcast industry continues to evolve, Blue Wire believes in collaboration rather than competition so that everyone can take advantage of each other’s strengths and expertise in the content space.  

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