Blue Wire Podcasters Loving Partnership with Shady Rays

Blue Wire Podcast

March 22, 2023

Blue Wire is happy to announce its audio and video campaign with Shady Rays Sunglasses on several of the network’s most popular shows. With a combination of podcast ad reads and custom segments, Blue Wire’s podcasters have never looked more fly.  

The campaign’s activation was thanks in no small part to the vast group of regional shows who played a key role, including Lakers Nation, Green Light with Chris Long, Sports Gambling Podcast Network, Road Trippin’ with Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye, Bronx Pinstripes, Stay Hot, ArsenalVision, London Is Blue, Sox Machine, The Dane Moore Podcast, and The Al Galdi Podcast.

"Shady Rays have been my sunglasses of choice for years,” said Lakers Nation host Trevor Lane when asked about his experience with Shady Rays. “I have 5 different pairs in different styles because I love the quality and how cost effective they are, plus their Lost and Broken replacement policy can't be beat! As a long-time wearer of Shady Rays, I'm thrilled to have them as a Lakers Nation Podcast sponsor."

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