Blue Wire Announces New Partnership with “Don’t Trip”

Charlotte Cooper

June 3, 2022

Los Angeles, CA: Blue Wire, the home of the next generation of sports media programming, announces today the acquisition of "Don’t Trip”, a show where hosts David Egbo and Justice Summerset give listeners advice on life, sex and relationships. Hosts David Egbo and Justice Summerset will continue to host the podcast and popular TikTok account, which has over 10 million likes, and will receive production, promotion and sales management from Blue Wire. The show is available now on all platforms.

“Sex and relationships can be complicated topics for anyone tackle, but when listening to a conversation happen between two close friends who have a very natural and relatable rapport, your guard is immediately lowered” said Scott Reinen, Blue Wire’s Head of Content. “David and Justice have an innate ability to connect with their audience and, through the podcast become an extension of listeners’ own friend group.”  

“We see Blue Wire as a blessing and a great opportunity. The chance to grow "Don’t Trip” into something great along is something we couldn’t pass up” said hosts David Ego and Justice Summerset. “The sky’s the limit, all the ideas we wouldn’t be able to do on our own are now reachable. We think "Don’t Trip” can make it to the top and having a company that believes that is a great combo”

Don’t Trip” is hosted by David Egbo and Justice Summerset, two friends who both competed at a D1 level in track and field who met in college and have been tight ever since. In each episode, the hosts and a rotating cast of guests answer listener questions submitted through social media and call listeners back to offer advice at no price.

The podcast is available across all major platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Stitcher, Overcast, and Spotify. Full episodes of the podcast will be available on YouTube.

Since Blue Wire launched in 2018 I’ve seen that the key to success is confidence in your subject, commitment to creation and engagement with your audience, David and Justice bring those skills in bags,” said Kevin Jones, Blue Wire’s Founder and CEO.  “We’re thrilled to partner with them to further develop the Don’t Trip brand and voice across TikTok, through the podcast and video on YouTube.”  

Blue Wire has grown rapidly since launching in 2018 distributing a network of more than 200 regional sports and gaming podcasts, launching the popular NBA commentary podcast “Spinsters” along with the serialized feed “American Prodigies” as well as the popular serial, “The Rumor”. In 2021, Blue Wire’s acquisition of “Stay Hot: a sports podcast” signaled the company’s interest in further investing in new and emerging talent and cultivating the next generation of conversational brands.  

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About Blue Wire

Founded in 2018, Blue Wire is the home of the next generation of sports media programming through its slate of more than 200 popular national and regional shows such as Green Light with Chris Long, Spinsters with Haley O'Shaughnessy and Jordan Ligons, Stay Hot with TikTok megastars Matt Sponhour, Blaiden Kirk, and Theo Ash and the award-winning American Prodigy series.  

Blue Wire believes in the creator economy and that the future of content will be led by creators building their own brands and listeners controlling their own programming. The company invests in partnerships that mobilize sports fans, journalists, athletes and has created a content incubator to develop the next generation of sports media talent. In 2021 the 1,700-square-foot Blue Wire Podcasts studio opened at the Wynn Las Vegas, the studio regularly hosts a rotating cast of athletes and influencers creating their own content.  For more info visit  

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