Blue Wire Announces Inaugural Class of BW Launchpad Interns

Payton Turkeltaub

May 2, 2022

Blue Wire Launchpad Overview

June 2, 2021

On June 14, 2021, Blue Wire rolled out a new talent incubator. Blue Wire Launchpad is a summer internship program designed to widen the sports media talent pipeline. Based in learning and career development, this program is designed to promote practical experiences for the next generation of business leaders and creatives in sports media. Launchpad differentiates itself by being open to anyone – regardless of educational affiliation – and by paying our interns.

In its inaugural year, Blue Wire Launchpad received more than 200 applications. We selected the final nine candidates based on the passion, hustle, and innovation we hold as our company's core principles. In addition to working closely with the Blue Wire team on a curated set of projects, the Launchpad interns will participate in learning sessions, professionalization activities, reflections, and networking events that will give them a foundation for continuing their careers. Additionally, each week anyone who applied to the program has been invited to attend a guest speaker series featuring experts from across sports media.

Blue Wire’s Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

As Blue Wire continues to grow, we want to positively impact the sports industry by setting up the next generation of talent. As we announced at IAB in May 2021, more than 40% of our podcasts feature creators from the Global South. Similarly, we are on-track to have 50%+ of our employees be from underrepresented groups in sports media. We believe ethics and good business are inextricably linked. Blue Wire is proud to be leading a new era of sports by centralizing and promoting our values of equity and inclusion through fostering great talent.  

The Blue Wire Launchpad Program is led by:  Kevin Jones  (CEO / Founder of Blue Wire), Brittany Machado (VP of Business Operations), and Delila Penson (Program Coordinator).

The 2021 Launchpad Interns:

  • Luke Buxton – Talent + Partnerships Intern
  • Charlie Nicholson – Business Development Intern
  • Luis Curiel – Business Affairs + Operations Intern
  • Shwetha Surendran – Original Content Intern
  • Laura Stickells – Production Intern
  • Varun Shankar – Network Content Intern
  • Mike Orlando – Marketing Intern
  • Molly Morrison – Marketing Intern
  • Sarah Meadow – Marketing Intern

Kevin Jones Quote:

"We're able to spin up new opportunities at Blue Wire faster than others in sports media," said Jones. "Launchpad was created from a Twitter moment and thanks to Brittany and team, we have brought together nine amazing minds to invest in the future of the industry. We're doing it in a fair way that includes compensation, which is important to me. The sports space has been abusive to talent. We want to help fix the standard there."

Brittany Machado Quote:

"I originally chose to work at Blue Wire because of its nascent desire to promote a new way of treating our greatest resources – our people- as a sports media company. Building this program has been the culmination of all our stakeholders putting their money where their mouths are. I’m confident Blue Wire Launchpad will have an impact on how our industry cultivates talent and normalizes more ethical business practices."

Delila Penson Quote:

"Building Launchpad has been a passion project of mine. I started at Blue Wire as an intern 9 months ago, and never expected to be in the position I’m in now! My experience exemplifies the high value that the team puts on mentoring and fostering the talent of interns. It’s important to me to give our incoming group of interns the same experience. The opportunities that this program offers makes it a catalyst for change in the sports internship space. I know Launchpad will be a part of mine, and Blue Wire’s, legacy."  

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