Blue Wire Announces New Talent Incubator Program, Blue Wire Hustle

June 24, 2021

In an unprecedented move for the sports media industry, Blue Wire has announced the launch of “Blue Wire Hustle,” a program that gives podcasters the knowledge and training they need to build a successful brand in the sports media industry.

The program is designed to help those who are new to podcasting break into the industry, and help experienced podcasters to expand the brand they’ve already created.

Ti Windisch, community manager at Blue Wire, helped launch the service, something he says he wishes was available to him when he first got into the industry.

“I'm actually a little jealous of the Hustlers, because I really wish a podcast accelerator like this existed when I was first getting started podcasting back in 2015,” Windisch said.

The program is designed to give podcast hosts all the necessary tools to turn their podcast from a hobby into a true career.

“Blue Wire Hustle contains everything an aspiring podcaster needs and more, from taking care of hosting and top-notch artwork, to training covering lessons most of us had to learn the hard way through a lot of trial and error, to providing a strong community of like-minded podcasters,” Windisch said.

The vision for theHustle program was to take the knowledge of those who created it and pass it along to those who join.

For Blue Wire’s Head of Operations Tyler Chin, who also helped create the program, it’s giving new podcasters a shot at something bigger that excites him the most.

“The part ofHustle that excites me the most is the opportunity that we're providing to everyone,” Chin said. “We've spent a lot of time formulating best practices, strategies, and ideas in working with our main network pods. What we want to do is pass that knowledge onto others. Everyone deserves the chance to be on the right path to success. We can take what we've learned from our own success stories, and put hundreds of other creators on that same track.”

The launch was announced by Blue Wire CEO Kevin Jones vis Twitter on Oct. 15. Jones voiced his excitement by saying that the launch could lead to the creation of something much bigger.

Prospective podcasters can apply to be a part of Blue Wire Hustle by visiting




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