Arsenal Vision Voted Best Premier League Podcast at the Football Content Awards

Payton Turkeltaub

May 2, 2022

Blue Wire is proud to announce Arsenal Vision was voted the Best Premier League Podcast at the 2021 Football Content Awards last Thursday, a testament to the exceptional quality, conversations, and expertise that hosts Elliot Smith, Tim Stillman, and Clive Palmer have brought to their show.  

“I’m beyond thrilled and appreciative,” shares Smith in an interview at the FCA following their win. “I’m a little shocked at this development,” he laughs.  

Since their first episode in 2014, hosts Elliot, Tim, and Clive have been bringing listeners post-match chats and analysis after every Arsenal Football Club match or major event for the past seven years. The award-winning podcast has seen huge success, creating a platform that fans excitedly engage with constantly and consistently.  For fans and listeners alike, Arsenal Vision has defined itself as the premiere podcast to keep you up to date with everything and anything Arsenal FC related.  

“We really respect out community and try to have conversations that will inspire people,” shares Smith post-win. “The fact that we’ve grown to the level where people care about our podcast is only because people like Clive and Tim and Paul have wonderful contributions to make.”  

This win is the second for the podcast hosts, who were awarded The Digital Sport Best Football Podcast Fans’ Award previously at the FCA’s in 2018, three years ago.  

When asked what their key to standing out is, Palmer shares, “I think quality of content, consistency, and being authentic. If my work mates saw me here today … I’m the same guy. And if you’re consistent, the audience thinks those guys really mean it!”  

As for what’s next for the podcast, Palmer continues to share, “We are growing and that will continue… there is no rush.”  

Check out the podcast here.

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