Basketball Coach Unplugged (A Basketball Coaching Podcast)


This Podcast will discuss basketball coaching with Coach Steve Collins. Coach Collins will do this with interviews and on topic discussions. (Discussion will revolve around basketball topics such as: Offense, Defense, Motivation, Team Building, Youth Basketball, High School Basketball, college basketball and much more...) We will publish weekly shows at 6:00 am..... Please check out our site if you like our podcast.

High School Hoops (Coaching High School Basketball)


A Discussion all about being and coaching Basketball at the High School Level Scrimmage, Preparation, Practice Planning, Parents, Getting your Players to Play Hard, MUCH MORE.... Published on Wednesday mornings

The 5 Minute Basketball Coaching Podcast


The 5 Minute Basketball Coaching Podcast will share, tips, drills and much more

Published Mon-Friday at 7:00 am

Funnel Down Defense (Basketball Defense)


Coach Collins talk about The Funnel Down Defense and How it can help your basketball team

He will discuss the what and why behind this innovative defense and interview coaches all over the world that are implementing it

Wednesdays at 2:00 am you will be able to get the newest episodes

That can be taught by anyone.

This is the only defense you will need.

It can be used by any athlete.

It will stop the offensive flow.

and much more.....

Want more get the course at

Coaching Youth Hoops


Are you a new or experienced youth basketball coach looking to cut through the noise and have someone just tell you what works? It’s easy to waste time and money learning how to coach Kindergarten through 8th-grade basketball on your own. Join seasoned youth basketball coaches Bill and Steve as they give you the blueprint you need to succeed on and off the court. In each episode, you'll discover easy-to-implement tips and techniques that you can apply to your next practice. Will Launch Weekly on Tuesday Mornings

Rule of 3 Offense (Basketball Offense)


The Rule of 3 Offense podcast will walk listeners through a simple yet effective offense that can fit on a single 3x5 index card. Movement on and off-ball, deceptive screen usage, and of course three options per decision on offense are all staples of this podcast, and this offense.

Combination Defense


Learn the ins and outs of the Combination Defense, also known as Junk Defense, with Steve Collins, founder and CEO of and host of the Basketball Coach Unplugged podcast, among others.