Gyro Step Podcast Network


The Gyro Step Podcast Network offers comprehensive Milwaukee Bucks coverage through the Gyro Step and Win In 6, the two Bucks-centric podcasts with different hosts and approaches to Bucks coverage but a shared drive to create great Milwaukee Bucks content as Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton, and company strive to win the first Bucks championship since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar did so in 1971. Hosted by Ti Windisch and Rohan Katti, the Gyro Step focuses on analyzing games, news, and anything else related to the Milwaukee Bucks. Win In 6 is a podcast dedicated to high-level conversation and debate about all things related to the Milwaukee Bucks hosted by Adam McGee and Jordan Treske. Win In 6 is also home to one of the best mailbags in the podcast game.

Crewsing for a Brewsing: GSPN's Milwaukee Brewers Podcast


Join Gyro Step Podcast Network hosts Andrew Snyder and Adam McGee, as Andrew teaches Adam the game of baseball through the lens of the Milwaukee Brewers. Each week, Adam and Andrew will discuss the latest Brew Crew news and topics as Adam familiarizes himself with MLB and Andrew familiarizes himself with his newly-adopted Brewers fandom.